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Prepare for the day the audience returns

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This past month is surely one none of us will forget. Our 'normal' life and business was put on hold by a global health crisis.

Is it too early to prepare for the day that the audience will return? The answer is no. The time is now. And we have to be prepared that the measures taken by governments globally will be lifted in stages and not entirely straight away.

The Oxynade by SecuTix Platform enables you to implement a "seat separation" in response to the coronavirus and to follow the guidance of the World Health Organisation. Enabling you to host events while respecting social distancing.

Join our upcoming webinar to discover how you can prepare your business for the day the audience will return and keeping them safe.


  • How to implement the seat separation into your event.
  • How to implement the advice of the WHO to ensure the audience's health following the global health crisis.
  • A best practice demo of how the presented solution can be implemented.
  • The 2020 roadmap.
  • Q&A session with our Senior Professional Services Analyst.


April 28th at 10:00 am CEST

This webinar will take about 30 minutes and your host will be Yannick, our Business Development Director. The Q&A session will be hosted by our Senior Professional Services Analyst Miet.

Webinar SaaS Ticketing Social Distancing
Yannick & Miet are looking forward to e-meeting you.

If you want to know more about the purely technical aspects, please check our Developer Hub or book a personal demo.

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