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Release V1.10 just launched! We are thrilled to share the details with you and the try-out!

SaaS Ticketing Platform White-Label API
V1.10 is all about UX UI & the main focus on mobile-first.

This latest release includes a full mobile-friendly make-over of the online webshop based on the intuitive Back Office design.

Besides the continued optimizing overall system performance, there are these three vast main release topics:

  • Complete redesign of UI & UX
  • New features like additional event & ticket type info, company & VAT fields, and many more
  • Incredibly increased theme customizability

You will find all the exciting release details right here and you will also be able to try the new version, give us your feedback and get used to the new way of working.

Hands-on! If you should have any questions: please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Just in case you missed our latest webinar on these topics, no reason to panic. Take a seat, grab your coffee & enjoy the webinar UX UI & an optimized online purchase flow!


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