Why hyper-personalisation is the future of ticketing in the SaaS industry.

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Create unforgettable experiences instead of 'just' an event, and hyper-personalise it to maximise its impact.

Have you ever wondered what hyper-personalisation actually is and how your SaaS Ticketing Business will benefit from it in the future? Here are some insights how to develop your very own personalised line of strategic thinking.

A personalised experience establishes goodwill, increases loyalty, and brings a smile to your customer's face.

Just offering events is simply not good enough anymore. Customers appreciate or even demand that you 'walk the extra mile'. Therefore you have to create not only an outstanding event experience, but also add value at different levels and in different channels as well. As the industry and market demand are slowly but steadily evolving, you have to stand out and ensure that you are ready to raise the bar and meet these expectations.

This shift in customer expectations is driven by constantly evolving technology, especially in the areas of big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence. What people expect today is that everything related to the event, not just the ticketing process, is as intuitive as possible.

This is exactly where we rolled out a red carpet towards the future of your Ticketing Business.

We facilitate personalisation of your ticketing. This includes the process of analysing data and the customer's behaviour that drives his decisions. With this information you can now claim an entirely new share of the market. And this will open revenue streams that were out of your reach – until now.

The science behind personalisation is not entirely new, but the sophisticated technology to realise it took a while to mature. According to a survey of 1,000 consumers conducted by Infosys for its 2013 report, 86% of shoppers responded that personalisation matters when making a purchase. Undoubtedly this number has gone up by much since 2013, and it probably reached the 100% mark in 2019. A recent article in Forbes emphasises this development.

So ban your generic approach and dare to break the rules! Be the first in your market, and step into the future of ticketing by creating unforgettable experiences for your customers. Think from your customer's perspective, and don't stop there. Move out of stagnancy, because it is a one way street back into the past, and your competition will most likely overtake you before you even realise it. Engage your customers through hyper-personalisation instead of avoiding direct contact. Be understanding. Be available. Be the solution with an impact. Remember that long implementation times translate into missed opportunities. That is why our dedicated onboarding is extremely efficient - to get you instantly bootstrapped so that you do not waste any time and start interacting with your customer's customers.

Our team spends several hours every week thinking out of the box. Our CEO, a number cruncher and metrics lover like no other, keeps challenging our minds and leads the way to innovation.

This opens up a new way of thinking that is in turn translated into a solid SaaS-offering, enabling Oxynade to be on the verge of future trends and developments. Bottom line in the back of our heads remains the maximisation of your ROI!

We don't just talk - we also mean what we are saying. We stand by our word. Hyper-personalised. And this is exactly what we want you to experience first, before you turn to the next and amazing 'this is exactly what I wanted' impression. Witness our hyper-personalised demo of our white label SaaS Ticketing Platform yourself, and book a time slot when it suits you best. Let us know the functionalities that you want to be included, and we will make it worth your time and your smile.

This article was written by Lea Vanessa Stiels. Photographs courtesy of Wix.

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