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Your current client portfolio does include smaller and mid-size clients? Why stop here? It isn't rocket science that in the end, to increase your ticket sales number, you have to aim higher. Dream bigger. Change your way of thinking. Get out of the box that is confining you locally and book a breakthrough on an international level. Think about that. Doesn't sound too bad, does it?  

With the right mindset, strategy & USPs, these significant deals are within your reach. We put together a guide to support you entering new markets based on our experience.

Large organisations have divisions all over the world. Often these sub-organisers are very independent. Even being part of a larger organisation, they still commit to their partnerships and suppliers. This is their way of closing deals and agreements. Decentralisation it is. However, this might not be in the best interest of the over-coupling organisation.

To close a deal with a significant player, you have to distinguish your business from the crowd and pint out the advantages:

  1. More volume, competitive prices
    Having the ticket sales centralised will enlarge the volume significantly. The higher the number of tickets, the lower the fee per ticket.
  2. Increased consistency
    By creating a unified workflow, a higher standard will be preserved. This will enlarge the brand quality and general appearance. 
  3. More and more enhanced data
    Having only one database is, in this world of data gathering and insights, a significant advantage. By analysing the visitor's behaviour, preferences, and habits, valuable knowledge can be gathered. 
  4. Enhanced value for the ticket buyers
    No matter for which event they will buy tickets, everyone will follow the same purchase flow. This user-friendly experience creates a reliable consistency that ticket buyers appreciate. It will enhance the feeling of being a part of a more prominent 'fan family' which ties them stronger to the organisation and will eventually increase your ticket sales.

To be able to offer an exciting deal, your ticketing platform has to comply with some of the unique necessities that come along with being a big international organisation:

  1. White label 
    Providing "consistency and a better general appearance" as an advantage means that the solutions need to appear as their "own" platform. Not only logos, colour schemes, and specific vocabulary in the front and back-end have to be in line with the organisations' look and feel. Also, the architecture itself (with their own URL's, payment provider licenses, and tools) should be adapted to their standards. 
  2. Channel and sub-channels
    Even though they might centralise their ticketing system, that doesn't mean there will no longer be separate, independent or local organisations. The platform must have a way to deal with the requirements to set up an organisational chart with a "parent" channel and separate sub-channels, each with their user rights and restrictions. 
  3. Translations
    With an international public, the ticket flow has to support translations so that every ticket buyer can execute the purchase of the desired ticket in his native language. You need to be able to gather customer data in the required languages.
  4. Different distribution-channels
    Selling tickets through various partners also means the need for several distributions so they can keep track of the success of each channel. With insight into the data, they can grow their revenue and market share.
  5. Highly customisable
    A customised buying process, potentially based on marketing automation triggers, is a substantial added value. Make sure your platform can link modules by paths with rules based on IF This Than That logic (AND, OR, NOT)

Go and put yourself out there! You are ready & we got your back!

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This article was written by Hannah Coekaerts. Photographs courtesy of unsplash.

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