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Oxynade Founder & CEO Hans Nissens's keynote during the T:B Expertenforum was the foundation for an industry-wide quiver to re-think business strategies within the Event Ticketing Industry.

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The knowledge that will be an essential advantage for your business's strategy & ROI.

Earlier this month, our Founder & CEO Hans Nissens was invited to the T:B Exptertenforum in Hanover, Germany to present a keynote.

The T:B Expertenforum is the biggest expert conference for the Ticketing Industry in the german speaking market.

For this expert forum, the topic for this specific keynote evidently had to be From SaaS to Enterprise SaaS in the Ticketing Industry. We all know the SaaS concept from software tools that we are using on a daily basis. Several SaaS ticketing solutions have been on the market for a while, but while these solutions are successful, they do not solve every problem that ticketing agencies are facing such as a growing competitive pressure, massive upfront and continuous investments are constantly needed, there is a lack of resources or knowledge - or both - to develop a good platform and the reliability and quality of these platforms are a serious challenge.

The latest development that has entered the ticketing world addresses all these hurdles: Enterprise SaaS. This is the paradigm-shifting solution that will bring a cardinal change to the business model of the Ticketing industry, with lower CapEx, a much faster time-to-market, and considerably reduced operational risks.

In addition to the Keynote, a workshop with Snapticket was organised. Live, hands-on and real-life Ticketing Platform experiences were shared with the audience and a Q&A session at the end provided the answers to any questions that arose during the workshop.

We wouldn't be a truly Belgian company if we wouldn't make sure that you can enjoy a typical Belgian treat in the meantime!

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If you were not in Hanover, no reason to worry. We make sure you don't have to miss out. You can unlock our demo videos and request a personal demo tailored to your needs, just let us know which functionalities are your primary focus.

We are looking forward to talking to you. All you have to do is choose a date on our agenda. Feel free to let us know which functionalities you want to see or the topics you want to discuss.

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