Oxynade by SecuTix Launches Sports Ticketing Solution

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Oxynade’s new online, mobile sports platform helps mid-sized clubs manage tickets and fan engagement.

Oxynade by SecuTix for Sports

Ghent, April 22nd, 2021: The days of selling tickets at the door of an event are numbered. With mobile ticketing already on the rise, Covid-19 has ensured that sports clubs need a fully digital solution.

Oxynade by SecuTix, the Belgium-based e-ticketing as a service (eTaaS) provider, has announced a new sports ticketing platform aimed at mid-sized clubs.

The new sports solution on Oxynade’s platform is aimed at those who might not be able to implement a dedicated ticketing service or who currently only have an online ticket registration form for collection.

“The last year has forced a digital transformation across all sports clubs at every level. However, many cannot afford to have dedicated ticketing managers or staff,” says Hans Nissens, Managing Director of Oxynade by SecuTix, “so there is a real need for a cost-effective solution that can be maintained by the sales, marketing or operation teams.
Hans Nissens, CEO at Oxynade by SecuTix
“These clubs typically have a volume of tickets per year between 10k and 100k, including season tickets, and they need a digital, mobile platform without the costs and complexities of the systems used by the bigger clubs. Oxynade by SecuTix is an easy to use platform that can be up and running in just a couple of weeks. It gives clubs access to the very latest in ticketing technology and the tools to improve fan engagement and ultimately revenue.”

Oxynade by SecuTix is a self-service, online and mobile white label solution. Its cloud-based API allows the system to connect seamlessly with external tools and technologies the clubs use. There are three different service levels; Power, Advanced and Ultimate, depending on the features needed. This allows mid-size sports clubs to respond quickly and in an agile manner to the fans’ needs.

The new sport-specific solution follows the success of Oxynade’s work with sports clubs, including German football club Viktoria Berlin and the Latvian professional basketball team VEF Riga.

The Oxynade platform features a new season card sales system, which will soon have an online renewal feature allowing smaller clubs to handle their own season cards. It also has a new web point-of-sales system to ease sales on match days. Other recent developments include a membership option to register fans and grant privileges and also allow them to transfer seats to friends or business partners. By converting sales to online channels, Oxynade by SecuTix enables clubs to collect much more fan data, essential to marketing processes and customer service.

Oxynade by SecuTix is part of the ELCA Group, an independent Swiss IT company with more than 50 years of history in technology innovation. Part of the family is SecuTix 360°, a leading global ticketing engagement solution for large-scale customers in sports and live entertainment.

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