Your payment process & our open API, a power couple?

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Your payment process & our open API: A power couple
#momentofhappiness when you come across a hidden gem.

Sometimes you search for a solution for a particular problem, create something, and end up with the result that can cover so much more. Well, that happened to us recently. Some of our clients wanted to be able to add their preferred Payment Provider instead of our standard Adyen or Mollie system. Our amazing dev team updated our API integration and added this new ability. However, this hidden gem has much more potential for the overall payment process.

Use your preferred Payment Service Provider

The main goal of the latest update was to enable you to use your preferred Payment Provider. In some countries, ticket buyers expect to be able to pay using certain PSP's. Since our solution can be used worldwide, in any currency or language, we also wanted to comply with these regional habits. Here you can read more tips for your regional strategy.

Integrate additional checkout functionalities for up-selling into your payment process

Whether it's t-shirts from the band, drink and food coupons or travel services, having the possibility to buy all of those things together with the tickets themselves is a win-win. For the ticket buyers, it's a natural flow and a one-stop-shopping experience. For organisers, it's a great way to earn more revenue.

Don't be shy. Dare to maximise your ROI and integrate functionalities like discounts, gift vouchers, and many more.

Using our API, you can add the possibility to pay with other means of payment. A gift voucher, a pre-charged card that counts for ten events or even your own 'event-currency', it all can be managed by including an extra step in the payment flow. Discount codes will work the same way.

Why stop here? Add extra post-processed functionalities after checkout for invoicing, marketing automation, CRM updates, and more.

You can not only interfere in the payment process before the check-out but even add your own functionalities afterward. It might be interesting to connect your invoicing tool. After the purchase, it will then automatically generate an invoice in your preferred program. If you make a connection with your marketing automation, BI, or CRM engine, they can be updated with the generated data, allowing you to analyse behaviour, create extra upsell, and enrich your knowledge.

How does it work?

In this set-up, the sequence flow of the payment process is the following:

  1. The customer fills his purchase basket and proceeds to checkout using a purchase flow based on the Oxynade API.
  2. The customer will be sent to your endpoint by the end of the purchase flow.
  3. You can handle the purchase/payment in any way you want.
  4. The customer will then be directed to a confirmation page (your's or Oxynade's).
  5. You process the payment result and send a result notification to the Oxynade API.

For more technical info, we recommend to visit our dev space or book a personal demo.

Get the most out of every single purchase

With this updated API integration, you can implement your payment process and ensure a flawless and intuitive purchase flow. The ticket buyers can use the means of payment they desire, with their preferred Payment Provider Service and get a hold of all the data it generates.

Once in a while, you come across a hidden gem, enjoy that moment of happiness and embrace the feeling. It will empower you.

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