Let's release some tension & Oxynade's V1.9

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How are you feeling right now?

We have some super exciting news from the Oxynade headquarters! Not only is our latest release out, but from now on you will also receive the Oxynade Release Radar as soon as a new release is ready to push the ticketing world forward with new innovations.

As your business grows, we are also working hard to always improve, grow and support you and your customers. Our team is pleased to announce the New Release V1.9.

1.9 - excellent - and what's in it for me you are wondering?

Well, besides the continued optimising overall system performance, there are three main topics featured in this latest release:

  • New Back Office
  • Online Ticket Purchase-Flows: e-mails
  • Reporting

You will find all the exciting details right here. If you should have any questions: please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

We will keep you updated with pleasing news and future releases! Not on the list just yet? Then it's high time to step up your game and register for the latest industry insights.

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