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📣 The word is out and we couldn't be any prouder!

The word 'SaaS' normally doesn't make you jump off your seat right away. So now you probably hear the word 'but' coming... We are super excited to share some news with you, and if you are only half as excited as we are, then you are probably making some crazy move right now.

As you probably know, we started as a primary ticketing business in 2007. After building the primary ticketing brand successfully for more than a decade and acquiring an extensive and profound knowledge of the industry, we recognized the need within the ticketing industry to move towards a more technology-minded future with more flexibility and possibilities. Our technology is designed to be hosted in the cloud and to be operated as Software-as-a-Service. AWS (Amazon Web Service) was our obvious cloud choice because of its quality of service, reliability and scalability.

Answering the ticketing needs and overcoming the usual hurdles was our focus when we first introduced the e-Ticket-as-a-Service 'eTaaS' concept that was enthusiastically welcomed by the industry.

As an early adapter of SaaS and groundbreaking technologies such as Blockchain and AI, we developed the first SaaS Ticketing Platform that is genuinely 100% white-labeled and API-centric. Our vision is clear. No compromising of the future and its potential. That is why the primary ticketing range was outsourced as of November 2019. The outsourced range will operate under the wings of Oxynade and therefore also benefit from all our future developments.

"This latest development enables us to move in an even more agile manner towards the next steps in the continuous and pioneering development of the Oxynade eTaaS Technology Hub. We couldn't be more thrilled about what lies ahead." - Hans Nissens, Founder & CEO of Oxynade

We are looking forward to a super exciting future with incredible possibilities.

Ready to learn more?

There is still time to register for the 28 November 2019 UX UI Heaven | Online Flows for optimized ticket sales webinar.

Feel free anytime to explore the Oxynade SaaS Ticketing Platform, 100% white-label and API-centric.

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