Season Cards | Why you should not only think about but seize this great opportunity

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SaaS Event Ticketing Platform Season Cards
The ultimate fan experience.

At one point or another, it is essential to think about Season Cards. What? Why? When? Maybe not for my business? Make sure to read on, and you will change your mind as this is an opportunity you should consider. Perhaps you are already looking for a suitable solution that will take care of the current issues and lift your business to unknown heights? Then you are on the right path, the path to creating the freedom to breathe, grow, and create experiences that last.

A significant advantage of season cards will be that you and your customer will be delighted about its UX. The staff will be freed from the stressful administrative duties and endless phone calls. Time is money. So save it where it is redundant.

You are in the position to offer your customer a real chance at getting to know the fan and to enhance his/her experience and at the same time maximise your ROI. The challenge to segment the client base carefully to send the right targeted message to the right person is crucial. With our marketing automation solution combined with the implementation of season cards, you have a reliable & potent solution right at your fingertips.

If you are in the ticketing industry and already familiar with season cards, you are probably aware of the hassle it can cause. That is only one of many reasons why we kept on optimising season cards, originated from the previous seasonal subscriptions. Just a makeover, you think? Not at all. There isn't even a way to compare these. Only to summarise the new Season Cards as absolutely awesome. We invite you to have a closer look at this great opportunity to grow, during our first webinar about season cards.

What will the webinar be about:

  • That no sports-oriented technology is needed as it is embedded into one platform.
  • How new verticals and additional markets will open up for you and your customer's business.
  • How suitable our solution is for all kinds of sports like football, basketball, volleyball et cetera.
  • That Season Cards can be used easily in different league levels, from premier league clubs to local divisions.
  • How Season Cards are a fantastic opportunity to benefit from recurring seasonal business.
  • A recap on how to use Season Cards functionality to give you a head start.

If you are curious and don't want to wait until the webinar, you can always schedule a personal demo in advance on our agenda. You are, of course, welcome during the webinar as well. Have a fantastic summer season!

This article was written by Lea Vanessa Stiels. Photographs courtesy of unsplash.

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