The Future of Ticketing lies with Sustainability

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To support the Ticketing Industry right now and in the future, we are extending our Aid Package. Learn how our new clients from the previous edition are already benefitting from our sustainable ticketing technology.

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Sustainability and a future-forward approach are what the Ticketing Industry is aching for.

Growth in times of a global crisis due to the Aid Package

Let’s be honest; times are tough. Staying positive and moving forward is crucial. Working towards a sustainable ticketing future is as vital as the ability to react with flexibility to new and changing situations. Our new clients that started using the Oxynade by SecuTix platform based on the first edition of the Aid Package during the second quarter of 2020 are already profiting from our next-gen technology.

A lineup of our new customers includes B-Concept's new ticketing service ‘TixTaq’ (based in Thailand), Sollidd in the Netherlands, Cleverpass in the UK, MuchenTicket in Germany, Eventbilleten and Crewnet, both located in Denmark.

Hans Nissens, Managing Director of Oxynade by SecuTix, said: “In just a short space of time, we’re already starting to see success stories emerge from those who signed up to our first aid package. This is why we’ve decided to open it up to other ticketing businesses who may need support right now. The live entertainment, museum, sports and marketplace sectors will feel the effects of COVID-19 for a long time. We’re committed to helping clients get through this by working with them to build a more sustainable future for their ticketing businesses. Our offer is open from now until Dec 31st and for the successful applicants there will be no monthly licensing costs and no other ticket fees charged until April 2021.”

Launch of the new Ticketing Brand TixTaq

Using Oxynade’s software, B-Concept Media Entertainment Group, an event production and management company, has successfully launched its new ticketing brand TixTaq, saving hundreds of hours of development time and money associated with building a ticketing platform from the ground up. The company also continues to save time as the platform is being constantly updated and managed by Oxynade’s team of developers.

“I was looking for something that was fully white-label, easy to use, and would provide self-service capabilities for technologically savvy event organisers, hotel event managers, and venue staff,” says William Kuipers, Founder of TixTaq. “While we’ll continue to provide consulting services around ticketing, it’s also important for the customers to be able to set up tickets on their own if they want to have control and autonomy. The biggest reason we chose Oxynade is that it’s a SaaS platform, it’s robust, and hosted on Amazon AWS - so it works faster in our local market than the outdated ticketing systems currently in use.”

New Seat Map Feature

The second edition of the Aid Package is not the only great news. We also launched ‘Seating First’, the new seat map feature launched today will allow ticket buyers to check the seat map, see the available capacity of the event and select their preferred seat, all in one step at the start of their customer journey. The second step will show the linked ticket prices, registration and checkout.

Seating First

Stepping into the Future with the Aid Package

The Aid Package offer is open to both established ticketing companies who want to use a state of the art ticketing platform and ticketing professionals who want to start their own ticketing business, without the costs and the risks a start-up usually entails.

You can apply without any obligation on our website. The offer is valid until the 31st December 2020. There will be no monthly licensing costs and no other ticket fees charged until April 2021. Learn more.

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