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Biting your fingernails. Pacing around. Constantly checking the same screen. Don't you recognise these symptoms?

Ticket sales tips SaaS Ticketing Platform
Nervous wrack? No need. We have the solution.

Yes, this is someone who has just published his event and is waiting during the first ticket sales. Because what's the point of a great event when no-one shows up? Having an audience and selling as many tickets as possible is vital for a successful event.

Ticket sales tips SaaS Ticketing Platform
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."- Norman Vincent Peal"

How do you get that enormous sales track? First, set your basics straight: a strong ticketing platform to manage your ticket sales is essential.

Next is a bag of ticket sales tricks to boost that kick-off and help you sell out the event in no time.

  1. Make sure the online ticket sales is substantially cheaper than the entrance price at the box office. Ticket buyers need a good incentive to buy their tickets in advance, and what better motivation than saving money. Experience tells us a difference of at least 5€ is a safe bet. We recommend increasing the box office price rather than lower the online price, but that is up to you off course.
  2. Start your online sales as soon as possible and make sure people are aware of it. The golden rule is: "you can't start too early." For recurring events, we even have seen amazing results when the sales of the next edition started right after the latest one had finished. People are in the right mood, and if they had a good time, they want to make sure to be part of the next instalment as well. However, this only works when people know tickets are up for sale. Make sure you create a buzz online and offline as well. You can't really over-communicate this. Especially if there is money to be saved and people can assure themselves of a spot.
  3. Have ticket buyers save money or feel exclusive with special tickets. Everyone wants to feel special, and if not, at least everyone wants to save money. Early bird tickets are just that. Ticket buyers get a nice discount because they commit early on, and as these tickets should be limited, it gives a feeling of exclusivity. If you don't want to lower the price, why not throw in some goodies? Play around with ticket types and special offers, it's pretty common today, and it works.
  4. Create good-looking an straightforward online shops for maximum conversion. So, you've got a ticket buyer snooping around in your online shop. Now, you have a few seconds to get them to buy tickets. Having a good looking shop with a convincing banner and matching colors just breaths thrust and makes people feel confident to make a purchase. Include the power of strong seating plans to make sure they can reserve a seat of their liking. Don't hassle them by asking too many questions. If you don't need to know their shoe size, don't ask. Keep the steps and required info to a minimum. In case you need more details, give some context to why you need this information and what you are going to do with it. Preferably you want ticket buyers to get in, buy the tickets and get out again, in a few minutes.
  5. Lower your ticket price by using Tickets as a communication channel for your sponsors. Tickets are a communication channel of their own. Every ticket buyer has a ticket and takes a look at it, more than once. Why not involve your main sponsors and give them an opportunity to bring their message to your ticket buyers via your tickets? Guaranteed exposure and with the extra income, you can lower the price of your ticket or in the least have them cover the e-ticketing fees. Discounts, special offers or news from your sponsors don't hurt and are generally accepted. Heck, especially when your ticket is worth something extra.

These are just a few of the practical tips our team shares with our customers. Because we know how nerve-wracking it can be and we've got your back! Need more business inspiration? Download our Enterprise SaaS presentation and discover how we can help you grow your business.

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