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Webinar SexuTix Oxynade
The SaaS Ticketing Platform of the Future.

By now, you probably heard the news: SecuTix acquired Oxynade in early 2020.
We are thrilled about this new chapter of SaaS Ticketing.

We will cover crucial topics about the hyper-agile future during the upcoming webinar, and we will also dive into the specifics of the eTaaS platform. A platform that will empower your business's growth by freeing it from current constraints and elevate it into the digital future.

Learn all about the SaaS Ticketing merger of the year & the incredible possibilities for the Ticketing Industry.

SaaS Ticketing Platform Webinar
Join our webinar from your fav spot with a good coffee and enjoy the exciting news we have for you!


The webinar will go live on the 24th of March at 10:00 am CET and will take about 30 minutes, a Q & A session will be hosted afterward.

If you are representing a Ticketing Agency, an Organizer, a Venue, a Museum or Arena and you are currently on the hunt for a SaaS Ticketing Solution that will excel your expectations? A solution that will enable your business's growth while eliminating the usual hurdles? Make sure you'll register for this webinar!

Oxynade by SecuTix Webinar SaaS Ticketing

Our Business Development Director Yannick & our CEO Hans Nissens are looking forward to e-meeting you!

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