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Introducing Seating Plans - unlock your full ticketing potential with our on demand webinar.

Ever wondered how you can unlock the next level of your Ticketing Business to boost your & your customer's growth to unknown heights?

Well, actually we do have the key to unlock these heights for you. Without any hustle but results that want to make you jump off your seat! For the moment you can't register for the webinar anymore but you can be the first to download our seating plan webinar once it will be available!

When people attend a concert, play, game, or any other type of event, they really appreciate being able to have a good look at the layout of the available seating in advance, and consequently reserve a seat of their liking. Everybody has always some type of preference – be it on the middle seat of the front row, one of the aisles, or a particular balcony, or simply wants to sit together with friends and family.

Not being able to do so will make people more stressful, nervous, and often more grumpy. Entering the venue happens generally in a less organised manner, because people will discover the available seating layout only as they walk in, often obstructed by the other attendees, and consequently the people flow will not be very fluent.

Even though the following is related to the end-customer, don't we all want happy event attendees?

A happy and relaxed customer is not only very likely to recommend the event but will eventually contribute to a recurrent revenue stream once returning to e.g. an annual event or another event you are offering on your platform.

Every venue is different, and seating arrangements may also change over time, or even for specific events, so it is important to have a powerful tool to facilitate the creation of such a visual layout that it then integrated with the ticketing engine itself.

That is why Oxynade is proud to announce a seating plan creator to its ticketing as a service platform. This creator entails a user-friend graphical user interface that allows an event organiser and the Channel Administrator to craft the layout in a seamless, quick and convenient way.

Both single and multizone seating plans are supported, and afterwards seats can be assigned to categories and ticket types. It is possible to easily align the seating arrangements of one zone to the neighbouring one, to rotate them in order to match the right orientation, and to use duplications of zones to speed up the design process. The tool also supports layers, which is great to keep a good overview of different floors, and it is possible to define a focal point for automatic seat assignment with our 'best available seating' (BAS) algorithm.

When complete, attendees now have a visual representation of the venue and make an informed decision about their seating options. If they do not wish to select a seat themselves, they can request the system to do that for them. Sold-out seats will be greyed out and not available for other users. When attendee completes the ticket purchase, the confirmation page, email, and ticket will display the selected seats.

Our Business Development Director Yannick will make sure you will learn everything you need to know about how to get started with Seating Plans and he will introduce the most powerful functionalities to unlock your full ticketing potential.

Register now to download our seating plan webinar once it will be available and be the first to get insights!

Happy ticketing!

This article was written by Lea Vanessa Stiels. Photographs courtesy of unsplash.

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